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I am passionate about inspiring people to live healthy, joyful, fun and extraordinary lives.

In a fast moving, chaotic world, it is crucial to kepp our lives in balance both in body and mind--Qigong offers simple and practical solutions.

I have been studying with Master Zhixing Wang, the founder of the Hua Gong style of Qigong for more than 20 years and teaching Qigong classes in London, Hove and Canterbury for over 10 years.

Hua Gong is an artistic style of Qigong focusing on cultivating health and helping to realizing our full potential . Hua means transformation, integration and liberation. It is simple to learn and is mainly practiced through simple energetic body movements and mindfulness/meditation.

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5 Simple Steps to Daily Peak Performance


This eBook helps focuses on rebalancing our energy system, clarity of thoughts and tips on how to conserve our energy during the day.

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Alessandro Ferullo


Alessandro Ferullo