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Peak Perfomance at Work

  • Peak performance at work.
  • Re-balance, reduce stress and
  • Increase your energy in just 10 minutes every day.


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What are some of the benefits of Qigong?

  • De-stressing and switching off your mind
  • Greater focus and mental clarity
  • Connects you to yourself and others on a deeper level
  • Simple self-healing form to re-charge and re-balance your energy system
  • Simple methods to re-charge and re-balance your energy system
  • Breathing techniques to promote inner peace and to calm emotions
  • Feel more creative and inspired

Re-balance, reduce stress and Increase your energy in just 10 minutes every day.


Peak Perfomance at Work


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QiGong Good Life Good Health

QiGong Suffering is optional

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1-1 or Group Sessions


Qigong can be taught in groups or one to one and ideally sessions last 1 hour to 90 minutes.

Half day/full day workshops can be arranged and tailored to client’s needs.

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5  Simple Steps to Daily Peak Performance


This eBook helps focuses on rebalancing our energy system, clarity of thoughts and tips on how to conserve our energy during the day.

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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Whether you are a fledgling business, serial entrepreneur, CEO, or employee, the importance of wellness in the workplace cannot be ignored.

My vision

I am passionate about helping you and your staff be more inspired, creative and healthier and encouraging peak performance. Helping everyone have more energy, joy and vitality both in their personal and work life... Read About Me

Main benefits of the practice

Maximising performance

When the body and mind are balanced and well tuned like an engine, we perform better on all levels and learn to relax more.

Reducing days of illness/absence

If staff are more motivated they become more productive.

When people are healthier and feel personal contentment then work becomes more effortless.

In many cases this can prevent burnout which is becoming more frequent in the work environment.

Inspired and Motivated Staff

Qigong can help your staff thrive and inspire peak performance and happiness in the workplace rather than just making it through the day

Teamwork improves greatly as a healthy synergy is created among staff and groups.

Wellness at work

More energy and dissolving stress

Qi is energy and when it flows freely and smoothly in our bodies, then our capacity to dissolve stress is greater and we feel more energised and positive.

Mental clarity and peace of mind

We achieve more clarity in our thoughts, more inspiration and creativity when we find time to settle the turbulence of our minds, emotions and energy. We can increase our capacity for problem solving, working more constructively with others and feel more at peace. This can help our decision making processes.

For Managers/Leadership Groups

I teach specific techniques for mental clarity leading to clearer decision-making and calmer emotions.

Other benefits can include more creativity and inspiration as we relax the mind and increase it’s capacity.

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Healthy Office Environment

Healthier OfficeI also offer consultancy on creating a healthier office environment.