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5 Simple Steps to Daily Peak Performance


Inspirational, practical and easy tips (including 3 short videos) taken from my Qigong practice (qigong is a 1,000 year old Chinese energy practice for body and mind)

This eBook shares ideas on how to rebalance our energy system, have mental clarity and tips on how to conserve our energy during the day.

I have been studying with Master Zhixing Wang, the founder of the Hua Gong style for more than 20 years. I have visited China several times as part of my interest in Eastern healing practices and philosophy. I am interested in peak performance and what qualities makes people successful and helps them become inspirational leaders. I have been teaching Qigong in London, Canterbury and Hove for over 10 years .

My passion is to empower myself and others to thrive with joy, vitality and gratitude.

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5 Simple Steps to Daily Peak Performance

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