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Qigong Classes

These Hua Gong courses focus on the basic training for good health and healing, and for a clear understanding of natural health and spiritual development.

Hua Gong is simple enough for beginners to learn, and sophisticated enough for advanced practitioners to study as a philosophy and a lifelong practice.

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Benefits of QiGong

Prevention and improving health

Prevention is better than cure. Those who consider themselves healthy can prevent future illness and greatly improve their health.

Healing and recovery

The healing power of Qigong is probably the most important reason for its popularity. Many people have recovered from serious illness and experienced profound transformation in their health and life through Hua Gong.


Daoist Masters take longevity as the highest goal of Qigong practice. Dying of illness is like a flame blowing out in the middle of a candle. Sustaining good health to the very end of our life is the real test of a high level accomplishment of Qigong practice.

More freedom in life

We learn how to take care of our own health with Hua gong and are better able to restore the balance when we occasionally feel unwell. This frees us greatly from the suffering due to illness and old age.

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QiGong Good Life Good Health

QiGong Suffering is optional

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Calligraphy by Zhi Xing Wang

The art of Qigong originated in China over a thousand years ago.

Qi means Energy, the energy that is naturally flowing in the body, and which permeates all living things. With an airy, lively quality, it has no shape and will fill any space if there is one. Similar to blood in its function, it makes any being, (human or animal) alive. In the body the Qi follows certain routes, which are known as meridians. When the Qi is weak, the body is weak; when the Qi is blocked the body gets sick; when the Qi stops flowing, there is no life.

The Cultivation of Qi, known as Qigong, awakens and improves physical and mental health and helps to actualise all personal potential. Hua Gong is an artistic style of Qigong focusing on cultivating health and spiritual development.

Hua means transformation, integration and liberation. It is mainly practised through simple energetic body movements and meditation.

The integration of Qigong principles into daily life is also an important part of the practice.

The way of teaching

The way of teaching is called ‘ Dai Gong ‘, which means the teaching is passed on by what is known as ‘heart to heart transmission.‘ Most participants if not all can feel the Qi in the first class. A simple technique becomes very effective because it is passed on through transmission.

The teacher

Alessandro Ferullo has been studying with Master Zhixing Wang, the founder of the Hua Gong style for more than 20 years. He has a diploma in therapeutic massage and has visited China several times as part of his continued interest in Eastern healing practices and philosophy. He has been teaching classes in London and Hove for over 10 years.

The founders of Hua Gong

Zhixing and Zhendi Wang are highly respected for their healing power and spirituality. Originally trained and initiated by Masters Zhang Hong Bao and Shi Song in China, they developed the Hua Gong style and have been teaching widely in Britain, Europe and the USA.


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