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Qigong or Qi Gong

Qigong is similar to Tai Chi which is more commonly know in the west.

The word "qigong" is created by combining two characters in Chinese. The first character, "qi" (pronounced "chee"), literally air, represents a flowing energy material that exists in everything and permeates the universe.

A related term in English that approximates the rich connotations of the Chinese character qi is "bio-energy."

Through practice, people learn to interact with and utilize the universal energy that exists around and within them. This methodology is called "gong." The Chinese character "gong" represents the time and effort in qi practice, as well as the power gained through cultivating energy. In other words, qigong literally means: "the meditation practice of cultivating bioenergy."

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Qigong Benefits

  • Longevity - living your life to it's natural
  • Freedom to enjoy life without the durden of disease and illness
  • Speeding recovery from illness
  • An increase in energy



Looking for Tai Chi Classes in Brighton?

Come and try our Brighton Qigong classes.

Although Tai Chi is probably better known in the West, Qigong or Chi Gong is very similar as both help you to cultivate the earth's natural energy and gain power from it.

Brighton Qigong Classes

SATURDAY Day Programme from 10:00 till 16:30

Qigong Classes dates for 2018: Saturdays


24th February ,  17th March,  19th May,  7th July,  13th October,  15th December



Brighton Location

Cornerstone Community Centre, Church road, Hove BN3 2FL

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10 mins walk from Hove BR station

Local Brighton and Hove Buses 25, 152

Contact Information

RUBY on 01273 487264 and See

Qigong Classes Experience

  • Simple meditation and exercises for relaxation, mental and emotional calmness
  • Effective ways of cleansing, grounding and recharging our energy
  • Healing methods for improving our internal and external systems
  • Practical and simple techniques for improving digestion, sleeping, coping with stress, etc.