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Qigong or Qi Gong

Qigong originated in China, where it is now a household word.

Qigong is also well appreciated in Japan and throughout Asia. It is estimated that over one hundred million people worldwide practice qigong in one form or another.

Qigong has rapidly spread to the rest of the world, and an increasing number of people now practice and benefit from qigong. As such, qigong and qi are becoming standard English words.

Qigong was featured in Bill Moyers' 1994 TV series, "Healing and the Mind." In September 1996, "Life" magazine published an article on qigong, "The Healing Revolution." In March 1997, "Health" magazine published an article entitled "My Quest for Qi" which examined the health benefits of qigong.

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Qigong Benefits

  • Longevity - living your life to it's natural
  • Living a longer life
  • Speedier recovery from illness and injury
  • Energy from cultivating the power of Qi


Tai Chi or Qigong Classes in Canterbury?

Although Tai Chi is probably better known thatn Qigong, they are very similar and the benefits can be enjoyed through either classes.

Come and try our Caterbury Qigong Classes.

Although Tai Chi is probably better known in the West, Qigong or Chi Gong is very similar as both help you to cultivate the earth's natural energy and gain power from it.


Canterbury Qigong Classes

SATURDAY Day Programme from 10:00 till 16:30

2017 Qigong Classes/days

Saturday 28 January,   Saturday 25 February ,  Sunday 19 March, Sat 29 April, Sat 27 May,   Sat 24th June,  Sat 22 July,   Sat 23 September,    Sat 28 October,   Sat 18 November,   Sat 16 December

2018 dates ---  Saturday 27 January,   Saturday 24 March, 

 Sat 23rd June,   Sat 14 July,    Sat 22 September,  Sat 24 November


Canterbury Location

Concorde House Clinic, 26a Stour Street, Canterbury CT1 2NZ

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Contact Information

Tel: 01227 788 868

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Qigong Classes Experience

What we should be able to experience through Qigong classes:

  • The initiation and awakening of the Qi energy
  • A sense of well-being, deep relaxation and stability
  • The transformation of the physical body as it becomes stronger and more supple
  • The opening of the Qi meridians (channels )