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Qigong Training

Qigong (also known as Qi Gong and Chi Gong)

Qigong is a training method which helps one strengthen and gain control over their own life-force, or qi. It is an ancient system of knowledge and processes that originated in China more than seven thousand years ago. Since antiquity, those who practiced qigong have sought to understand the laws that regulate life, nature and change. Humans are constituent parts of the ever-changing universe, and qigong practice helps individuals to develop and enhance this connection.

The Hua Gong Style

Hua means transformation, integration and liberation. It is mainly practised through simple energetic body movements and meditation.

The integration of Qigong principles into daily life is also an important part of the practice

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Qigong Benefits

  • Improving Health
  • Relieving Stress
  • Relaxing Body & Mind
  • Realising Potential Benefits


Tai Chi and Qigong

In simple terms, Tai Chi is a derivative of Qigong but it is more complex than this. The movements and focus is different but they are rooted in the same teaching. Tai Chi is probably better known in the west.

Looking for Tai Chi classes?

Tthen you should consider my Qigong classes in Wimbledon.


Wimbledon/London Qigong Classes

NEW --Online programme for practice/self healing at home/office - Read More

1. Weekly Classes MONDAY 7:30pm - 8:30pm In Wimbledon, Wimbledon Village Club, The Ridgeway, (Entrance on Lingfield road), Wimbledon, SW19 4QD, free parking in evenings 

2018 dates 

2. Female business owners--Switch your mind off and simply unwind?Day workshops 2018 dates. Saturdays 10 am to 3.30 pm (includes 1 hr lunch break)

 Early bird till Dec 31st £97.50 1-13th January £127

January 13, March 10, May 12th, Sept 15th, Nov 17th

Venue : Grove Neighbourhood Centre, 7 Bradmore Park Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0DT, Tel: 020 8741 3321,
nearest underground is Hammersmith and Barons Court


3. Self healing days...Would you like to re-balance your energy, switch off your mind, learn a Qigong self healing form and re-connect more deeply with yourself and with your source of energy and vitality?

Venue and dates in 2018: in the lower hall.

All Saturdays 10 am to 4.30 pm (includes 1 hour lunch break)  

Early bird till Dec 31st £87

1-13th January £117

 Dates for 2018: All Saturdays except October.

February 10th, 28 April, 16th June, Sun 21st Oct, 8th December

Address: Grove Neighbourhood Centre, 7 Bradmore Park Road, Hammersmith
London W6 0DT, Tel: 020 8741 3321
email: web:
nearest underground is Hammersmith and Barons Court 


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Contact Information

Alessandro Ferullo, Tel: 07747 113305

The Qigong Teacher

Alessandro Ferullo has been studying with Master Zhixing Wang, the founder of the Hua Gong style for more over 20 years. He has a diploma in therapeutic massage and has visited China several times as part of his continued interest in Eastern healing practices and philosophy. He has been teaching classes in Wimbledon for over 10 years.

Hua Gong is simple enough for beginners to learn, and sophisticated enough for advanced practitioners to study as a philosophy and a lifelong practice.