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“Alessandro is a passionate and gifted qigong teacher with a deep knowledge of his subject. He has the ability to connect with each individual in the group with humility, sensitivity and clarity of purpose. His teaching style is accessible, inspiring and always delivered with awareness and humour. I continue to value his wisdom and support and leave each session feeling uplifted, energised and full of gratitude.”

Iris T, Qi by the Sea, Hove

“Alessandro is a wonderful Qigong teacher who brings a great sense of enjoyment, purpose and discovery to his classes. As a dedicated practitioner of many years he is an ideal guide to earning this wonderful system for self-healing.”

Andy, London

“Alessandro has been my chi gong teacher for ten years. One of the first benefits I realised from a day of chi gong was that I slept and awoke feeling lighter in body and mind. Alessandro skillfully teaches with clarity, awareness, and a sense of humour."

Cavan Rouse, Brighton

“I always leave the day feeling brighter and clearer than when I arrived. I really like the different exercises we do- the variety keeps the practice fresh and interesting, and gives us various ways to connect. The class also helps keep me inspired and motivated to do my own daily practice. Thank you so much Alessandro, for your accessible and encouraging teaching style.”


“Really loved my first Qigong class tonight, I really could feel the Qi energy, amazing. I feel relaxed & alert. So cool, great teacher, thank you”

Catherine Y

“I would just like to say how much I enjoy doing a whole day of Qigong. It is so nice to stop and be quiet away from all worries.“

Jane, London