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Questions and Answers on Flavon Products


Compiled by Szilveszter Sztruhala

Director of International Operations at The Flavon Group

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First of all, please be aware that our products are Food supplements therefore under EU regulations we cannot make any health claims i.e. we are not allowed to make statements that the products would have any curing effects.

However, there have been sufficient individual experiences proving that the scientifically supported positive effects that the different ingredients have on the human organism also manifest themselves when these ingredients are taken in the form of Flavon products. Moreover, our products are concentrated and the ingredients are combined to work in synergy hence the effect could be impressive.

I would like to ask also to not focus too much on the individual components. I think that the issue of individual ingredients can be important only in case when someone has some allergy for some fruits or vegetables to avoid potential troubles. But even in case of allergies experience shows that many allergic symptoms are often provoked by certain part of the fruits or the vegetable e.g. the small hairs on the fruits or berries, or the small seeds, etc. As in Flavon products the seeds and the hairs are not present it often happens that people diagnosed to be allergic to certain fruits and vegetable could actually eat Flavon products containing that critical ingredient without any problem or allergic reaction.

Coming back to the original starting point: Flavon products are good for the overall health and well-being not because of any specific ingredient they contain but because their special combination and the production method makes the ingredients work in synergy creating a greater effect than simply adding the ingredients together. The best example is the Flavon Max and the Flavon Max +: although their composition is largely the same the Orac value of the Max + is still 4 times higher than for the Flavon Max.

Also, although Flavon products are rich in Vitamins and antioxidants their benefits are going far beyond that: their unique combination of flavonoids, minerals and enzymes facilitates the absorption of useful substances like they are assisting the absorption of Calcium that helps to increase bone strength.

I would suggest not to compare Flavon products by their ingredients to commercially available pills or tablets on the market as this could be very misleading as there are aspects that are often neglected in comparisons:

  • Flavon products are made of whole fruits and vegetables with a very careful concentration method to preserve their inherent living structures and these structures help the human body to identify, digest and absorb the components that the body needs. In comparison, industrially produced products seldom can reproduce the inherent structure of the living materials so their absorption in the body might be less efficient.
  • in Flavon products ingredients work in synergy so their combined effect is higher than the simple addition of the effects of the individual ingredients. In comparison, commercially available pills or tablets on the market are often contain one or a few valuable ingredient e.g. Vitamin C, Iron, etc. but it is not characteristic that they would have any synergic effect among them.
  • Flavon products are produced from ingredients that have been used by people for their beneficial effects individually for generations. Each of these ingredients are rich in components but many of these fruits and vegetables are not analyzed individually over a certain level by science as yet. It is well accepted that many of these fruits and vegetables are rich not only in flavonoids but also in different enzymes but it is often not scientifically explained how these components produce their beneficial effects on the human body. That is also a reason why Flavon products have a more complex effect than the commercially available pills or tablets on the market.

Characteristics of Flavon products and their suggestions based on their components

Flavon products are good to consume because they contain a high amount of flavonoids.

While there is still a lot of research is to be done to establish the exact mechanism of how flavonoids effect the human body and its functions it is widely accepted that they make veins more flexible and transparent for nutrients: the first is important for reducing the risk of certain cardiovascular problems while the second helps to improve the traffic of nutrients between blood and the other cells in general.

Flavon products also contain fruits and vegetables that are used traditionally for their therapeutic effects. Just a few examples of these:

  • Blueberry is consumed to improve vision as it is suspected to improve the circulation / blood vessel flexibility at the back of the eyes
  • Sea buckthorn has a detoxification effect, in some experiments they tested it also for cleansing of traces of heavy metals from human body after Chernobyl
  • Black elderberry is often consumed to reduce the symptoms of cold or allergic problems in traditional medicines
  • Red grape is generally known to be rich in minerals and also in reservatrol that is a highly potent antioxidant
  • Beetroot is also recommended for detoxification and also known for high content of iron
  • Ginseng has many positive effects but mostly used to improve overall stamina

Based on considerations like cited above the different Flavon products can have the following suggestions:

Flavon Max:

As this was the first Flavon product it was devised in general for those who don’t eat fruits in daily life even if they ccould have allergic issues to fruits or vegetables. Its ginseng content was told to have an adaptogen effect that could also beneficial for hormonal issues in the body.

Flavon Kids:

This was the second Flavon product whereas the ginseng was taken out to avoid overstimulation of children. The fruits it is made from are known of effectively fight cold and flu but the product also contain a high level of Vitamin B complex that helps to calm down, improved concentration and sleep even for overactive children, supports healthy appetite and grow stronger bones

Flavon Active:

Is devised for those who live an active life and „need an extra kick”for that. The guarana in it is known to help to keep the activity level high for a longer period. It also has a slightly thermogenetic effect to increase body temperature so it helps to burn more calories.

Flavon Green:

This special vegetable mix helps to solve digestion troubles (with incrieased water consumption recommended) and detoxification. Some of its ingredients is also known of containing high amount of chlorophyl that is rich in iron and helps to increase the oxigen transportation capacity of blood cells. Individual experiences also suggest to be useful for the joints.

Flavon Protect:

This product is recommended not only for seniors although their ingredients are known to improve digestion and also the heart and cardivascular symptoms.

Flavon Green +:

While this premium product provides all the positive effects of Flavon Green without the allergic limitations due to its grapefruit content it also contains Beta-glucan that is not only rich in Vitamin B compounds but also speculated to assist to the immune system by marking the targets for the leucocytes.

Flavon Max +:

With its 4 times higher antioxidant content than of Flavon Max this premium product is recommended for those who live their life under high stress and need mental concentration. Its ginseng content also has a balancing effect on the hormone system.

Flavon Joy:

This premium product has currently the highest antioxidant level while its cocoa content is told to have a positive effect on the nerve cells and the nervous system as a whole, like it can help to improve sleep, reduce depression, etc.

Flavon products they taste sweet although there is no added sugar in them: they are sweet only from the concentration that concentrates also the glucose in the fruits and vegetables.