Meet Alessandro Ferullo

An Italian boy, born in Indonesia, lived in Sardinia aged 2, moved to Tanzania with the family aged 3 and grew up in the UK from the age of 9. Now based in Wimbledon in South West London.

Searching for meaning in life, struggling and belonging. I was always searching for a deeper meaning to life from a young age.

I know how challenging it can be to feel sick, tired, uninspired or disconnected and unsupported.

Although I had a massage degree, been a recruitment consultant director for 15 years, worked in the corporate world for another 15 years and I had taken an interest in many different health practices, studied human nature, what makes people happy and successful, I still lacked a sense of inner peace or purpose myself…

Until one weekend in 1988.

I attended an event and something changed – when I sensed an energy beyond my own.

QiGong was introduced into my life.

I’ve been practicing ever since – for over 30 years now.

About Qigong

QiGong is a 5000 year old practice that originates from China.

Qi (pronounced Chi) means Energy. Particularly the Energy that is naturally flowing in the body, and which permeates all living things.

In the body the Qi follows certain routes, which are known as meridians. When the Qi is weak, the body is weak; when the Qi is blocked the body gets sick; when the Qi stops flowing, there is no life.

The Cultivation of Qi, known as Qigong, awakens and improves physical and mental health and helps to actualise all personal potential.

There are many styles of QiGong ranging from martial arts to gentle movement and meditation.

I specialise in Hua Gong which is an artistic style of Qigong & a self healing form focusing on cultivating health and spiritual development.

Hua means transformation, integration and liberation. It is mainly practiced through simple energetic body movements and breathing techniques.  

I have been practicing for over 30 years with my teacher, Zhixing Wang, and have been teaching for over 15 years groups, corporate, 1 to 1 and online ever since I started Flowing Health.

About Flowing Health

Founded in 1995. Flowing Health has helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses to take control of their health, reconnect with themselves and create balance in their health, personal lives, and work place.

From one-to-one sessions, corporate training, small businesses, to family members and parent/children – Qigong is suitable for all levels of fitness and ages.

In early 2020 the Flowing Health Podcast and Flowing Health Membership was launched which is an accessible and affordable way for people to virtually access this amazingly powerful practice and enjoy the benefits of Qigong.

Qigong practice helps us reconnect, brings us more vibrant energy, balance, improved sleep and digestion.

Increased productivity in the workplace, more mental focus, clarity, creativity & inspiration and a sense of inner peace are other benefits of this practice.

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What happens when you do QiGong?

Prevention and improving health

Prevention is better than cure. Those who consider themselves healthy can prevent future illness and greatly improve their health. Qigong can help prevent illness as it keeps you physically strong and mentally clear.

Qigong helps keep the organs healthy, body oxygenated through breath work and clears energy blocks that cause daily aches and pains that if left unattended can lead to bigger chronic problems.

Healing and recovery

The healing power of Qigong is probably the most important reason for its popularity. Many people have recovered from serious illness and experienced profound transformation in their health and life through Hua Gong.


Daoist Masters take longevity as the highest goal of Qigong practice. Dying of illness is like a flame blowing out in the middle of a candle. Sustaining good health to the very end of our life is the real test of a high level accomplishment of Qigong practice.

More freedom in life

We learn how to take care of our own health with Hua gong and are better able to restore balance when we occasionally feel unwell. This frees us greatly from the suffering due to illness and old age.

“Qigong really does help clear the mind, increase focus, and re-energise. I came away feeling physically and mentally de-stressed and learnt effective qigong exercises that can be quick and simple to practice in daily life.”  Meenal Savani, Dietician & Holistic Health Coach

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