I founded Flowing Health to help you take control of your health and energy in body and mind & be more joyful and inspired with the 1,000 year old Chinese practice of Qigong.

Alessandro Ferullo

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Complementary de-stress and re-charge Qigong session (30 mins)

About Alessandro Ferullo

I have been practising Qigong for over 30 years with my teacher, Zhixing Wang, teaching for over 15 years groups, corporate, 1 to 1 and online.

With the world in such a state of change and stress coming to us from all sides , it is a crucial time to bring a practice like Qigong into our lives to take more control of our energy, health and wellbeing (mind and body).

I discovered Qigong by chance over 30 years ago, a simple practice that offers us the possibility of leading a balanced, joyful healthy life on so many levels.

The Qi/energy is what keeps us and nature alive and thriving, and is always present.

Qigong practice helps us connect to this energy and among the benefits on a physical level, brings us more vibrant energy, balance, improved sleep and digestion.

Increased productivity in the workplace, more mental focus, clarity, creativity & inspiration and a sense of inner peace are other benefits of the practice.

It is mainly practised through simple energetic body movements and breathing techniques.

Suitable for all levels of fitness and ages.

Alessandro has been my Qi gong teacher for ten years. One of the first benefits I realised from a day of chi gong was that I slept and awoke feeling Lighter in body and mind
Alessandro skilfully teaches with clarity, awareness, and a sense of humour.
Cavan Rouse. Brighton

Benefits of Qigong?

“Hope is a superpower”

From the Qigong point of view, becoming ill is the result of losing your connection with your original state of being, or the source of your real life force – the Qi, ehe energy that gives you life.

Qigong gives us hope and guidance to overcome difficult health challenges and offers hope to all who come across it and practice on a regular basis.

Find out more about Qigong here.

I always leave the day feeling brighter and clearer than when I arrived. I really like the different exercises we do- the variety keeps the practice fresh and interesting, and gives us various ways to connect. The class also helps keep me inspired and motivated to do my own daily practice. Thank you so much Alessandro, for your accessible and encouraging teaching style.


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