How to connect with your life purpose and your true nature

Going with the flow often seems easier than working out what really matters to us in life and going after it. But, is it better in the long run?

It may seem that acting/reacting to whatever life throws at us may be the best way to go., This is always a pity as we can end up on the wrong track for years and unable to find our way back to connecting with our innermost wishes and desires..

Connecting with our life purpose requires more effort and focus than going with the flow but it brings us many desired results in the present and the future.

Here are 3 steps to connect with what matters most to you.

1. Allow yourself to dream…

Connecting with your purpose requires an understanding of what you really want from life and not being afraid to dream big is the perfect way to start that process.

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal” – Rabindranath Tagore

I love this quote and here are some questions to help you determine your purpose.

  • What would you do differently if you won £1 million on the lottery tomorrow?
  • What would you start, stop, do more of, do less of? This gives a glimpse of what you would really like to be doing.
  • What would you attempt if you were guaranteed success?
  • What do you love doing/enjoy doing more than anything else?

Take time to be still, close your eyes and tune in to the universal field of all possibilities as you empty your mind and  breathe naturally. As the mind settles, we often can receive ideas or information from this all-knowing field and be prepared to give these messages some time to come through. They may be words, ideas, visual images or feelings.

Write these things down and it may surprise you how creative you can become when you let your imagination roam free.

Read and re-read your statements and your deepest desires will inspire you – most people settle for far less than they are capable of.

2. Clarify your goals

Many people work very hard day after day without any real idea of what their goals in life are. Less than 3% of people have clear goals written down to inspire them and they tend to be among the most successful people in every field. Less than 1% go a step further and review their goals on a regular basis.

If you do not have goals for your self, you are doomed to work and achieve the goals of someone else.

Written goals are an integral part of keeping our clarity and focus.

These must be in writing in the present tense as though they already existed. It all helps to program the unconscious mind, which is incredibly powerful.

3. Improve your vibration

The field of potentiality simply follows the energy you send out and your thought vibrations draw other vibrations that match. What shows up in our lives is usually a direct reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions.

There are energy-based practices like yoga, tai chi and qigong , through which you can work on connecting/reconnecting with your true nature, with your heart and its desires.

Over time, these processes re-awaken our connection with our higher self which then guides us with more clarity.

This in turn invites the connection with the universal field to support us, nourish us and inspire us. It leads to mental clarity, inspiration and a more fulfilling life day by day.


One final tip is to share your inspiration with friends and family who might be able to support you if they know what you’re aiming to achieve.

And feel free to share these 3 steps with them too! via social media or in person. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook, and I’d love to hear your comments on these tips or any ideas you have on connecting with your purpose.