Qigong for children & teenagers (7 Free videos 15 mins each or less

The art of Qigong originated in China over a thousand years ago.

Qi means Energy, the energy that is naturally flowing in the body, and which is all around us and helps nature thrive helps us grow and stay healthy, connected and happy.

Qigong helps the health of the body and mind and is fun and easy to practice.

It can help your body feel stronger, your emotions calmer, feel more creative, inspired and happier.

It is mainly practised through simple body movements and meditation.

I have been practising with my teacher in London and teaching for over 35 years and am excited to offer you these 7 videos FREE during these challenging times.

Qi Bambini Video 1 – Connecting to The Sky and Earth – Qigong practice for children

  • De-stressing, moving, grounding.
  • Arms to heaven, legs to earth.
  • Calming, awakening creativity, imagination.

Qi Bambini Video 2 – Holding the ball of light – Qigong practice for children

  • Bringing awareness to the body, feel lighter, warmer, clearer, more centered and grounded.
  • Healing, relaxing and wonderful.

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  • Video 3 - Standing like a Tree.
  • Video 4 - The Bird.
  • Video 5 - The Tiger.
  • Video 6 - Breathing.
  • Video 7 - Moving with the ball practice.
  • Bonus Video 8 - Improving your digestion.

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