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Qi gong weekend with Alessandro Ferullo

Sardinia October 12th -13th 2019

  • Would you like to feel healthier, more positive energised and recharged?
  • How about feeling more inspired by learning to connect with the Universal Qi/energy field around you?
  • Become more joyful as you start letting go of beliefs and blocks that no longer serve you.
  • Would you like to learn to cultivate a restful mind with Qigong, bringing more peace and harmony into your life?
  • Learn to live more joyfully in the present.
  • Learn simple techniques you can integrate into daily life that may improve relationships, help you achieve more with less effort?

Parco dei Suoni in Riola. A wonderful secluded space, it won a European architectural price for environmental recovery, an amazing story of transformation, originally a quarry, then landfill site, it has magically been transformed into a space for artists and musical performances. Situated between the sea and a salt lake, next to a neolithic village, from top there is an amazing spot from which you can admire the landscape. The hall in the quarry is the perfect place to enjoy and dive into the qi gong retreat. Last but not least, at night, you can admire the stars in the clear Sardinian sky.

Times are from 10.00 to 17.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Cost: £235 or Euro 270


My bio/experience: I have been practising Qigong for over 25 years with my teacher, Zhixing Wang, teaching for over 15 years both groups, corporate and 1 to 1.I have had a lifelong interest in health and personal growth including studies of Buddhism, Taoism, family constellations work and being part of several inspiring mastermind groups.


Suggested accommodation:

There is a wide choice of accommodation such as air b and b’s, bungalows (with or without cooking facilities), approx £25 each per night (2 people sharing) and upwards by the sea in Riola Sardo ––Italy?listing_types[]=1

  1. Closer to the sea In Riola my friend Francesca who is a Qigong practitioner and another friend have air bnbs details herewith:
    1 bedroom 3 beds Francesca’s house –
    1 bedroom 2 beds Francesca’s house –
  2. In Cabras closer to the sea – –  Euros 50 per night 1 person or 2 people sharing
  3. Oristano is a more lively town nearby with nightlife, restaurants and plenty of accommodation £40 average per night air b and b’s lots of choices
    Click here for for listings.


Travel arrangements. Many airlines fly to Cagliari-Elmas airport such as:

British Airways, Easy Jet , Ryanair Cost is approx £ 120 or less flying out for example on Thursday returning on Monday

From Cagliari airport get a train to Oristano town, 6 euro, 1 hour journey.

From Oristano get on a bus to roughly 20 min. journey, or get on a taxi approximately 20 euro. Car hire is quite cheap and can be shared and roads are not busy at all in the retreat area.

Riola Sardo, Parco dei Suoni website has more information…




Tel: 07747 113305



Looking forward to seeing you all