I experienced true healing

What Antonella said:

Thank you so much for the session last Friday. It was awesome. Alessandro is an amazing practitioner. I experienced a true healing with Alessandro.

Before the treatment I was tired and low energy, but as he proceeded the session, I began to feel relaxed, energised and a lightness of body. By the end of the session I felt 100% better and was able to remain active throughout the day.

If you are on a healing path or just need an energetic boost I would recommend Alessandro.”

How Qigong helped Productivity at work with a corporate workshop for 42 employees (Fortune 500 co)

Hugh Foden, Executive Director with Cummins Engine company, (A Fortune 500 Company.)

What Hugh Foden said:

“My A team felt energised, and relaxed and great after the workshop. I felt like I had a new team.”

They found ways to avoid jetlag which is invaluable as many travel a lot. Everyone seemed generally happier and seemed to be more open to Qigong and energy work in the future.

Natural sleep as opposed to medical aid sleep

Nicola – Before:

  • Could not sleep without medical aid
  • Could not think straight or concentrate
  • Had problems with anxiety and fear


What Nicola said:

  • Pleased to report a 4th night (or is it now 5th, can’t remember which is great) of sleep without having medical aid.
  • It’s so amazing Alessandro, for years I’ve struggled with this, never for one minute thinking that it could be so easy and pain free to stop and have decent sleep.
  • I can now envisage a future without them, something I couldn’t only a week ago. I’m so grateful.


Sleep update:

  • It’s now been nearly 2 weeks (tomorrow) since my session with Alessandro.
  • Since then I’ve not used, or had to use any medical sleep aid, so it’s been pure natural sleep.
  • The quality of sleep is also much better. I feel like I’ve slept properly and can actually concentrate more and can think straight.
  • It feels almost miraculous. I wake feeling refreshed and even if I’ve woken early, I feel like I can think and concentrate effectively.
  • From such a simple technique, such monumental changes. Thank you Alessandro.

Miguel de Sousa Pires – Site hosting entrepreneur

Service: Online 1 to 1 Complementary 30 mins Qigong session

  • Practiced releasing stress from the body
  • Standing exercises for body awareness and strengthening body
  • Grounding to become more present
  • Breathing to switch off the mind


What Miguel said:

I had my first session with Alessandro yesterday. I explained to him my current life, as I believe to know it, and he went through the body top to toe. When we were done, I was a new man! Thank you Alessandro!  You are amazing! I really enjoyed it, and will recommend you to everybody I know.

Case study: Andrew and his Father

Before – Andrew

  • Alignment of spine becoming worse
  • Instability in the neck
  • Innervation


Before – Andrew’s Father

  • Skeptical
  • Postural problems due to old age



  • Online Qigong session for Andrew and his father weekly (on zoom)
  • Standing exercises to strengthen the body
  • Sitting exercises for calming the mind & relaxing the internal organs
  • Tailored to both Andrew and his Father’s needs


What Andrew said:

  • The alignment of my spine was becoming a serious issue with my spinal muscles and I was becoming increasingly less responsive to other modalities.
  • I was looking for a discipline which could help align and support my spine whilst still practicing the other modalities.
  • At the same time, I have always had an interest in martial arts and wellbeing, so it was something that interested me.
  • I have tried Qigong before (via videos) but each time I tried, my hypersensitive nervous system became overwhelmed and I felt unwell and had to
  • stop, which was disappointing for me.
  • The sessions give my spine extra support/stability and improved alignment. The muscles “wake up” and function better.
  • I feel relaxed and rejuvenated and generally calmer, with a clearer mind.


How has it benefited your father? 

After the class he felt calmer and generally seemed happier. I noticed he had an improved complexion and is neck looked more upright. He felt Alessandro to be very relaxing and enjoyed the class very much. He now believes much more in the efficacy of Qigong.


Why would you recommend Qigong sessions to others ? 

Alessandro’s passion is inspiring. He really cares about helping his students and teaching them not just the techniques, but how to live a happier and healthier life. Qigong works. It is powerful, yet at the same time, gentle and not overwhelming. It is meditative, yet it is easier for me to concentrate than when I have practiced meditation.

When practicing Qigong, I am nourishing my body and my mind, which makes me feel empowered and satisfied. My mind is clearer.

Alessandro has a generous and positive spirit and is mentoring. He really wants to help people.

He is a kind and humble man and someone I look up to and view as a Teacher and, if I may say so, a Friend (but respecting his status as my Teacher). I am very grateful that I came across Alessandro, particularly at a time when I was feeling like I was running out of time and options in terms of my spinal issues.