“Inspiring men to connect, heal and reveal their true potential” with Qigong.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” Joseph Campbell


8 VIP 1 to 1 private sessions online helping you with your specific needs (in 8-12 weeks).

  • Would you like to feel more positive and achieve more with less effort?
  • How about feeling more confident and inspired by learning to connect with the Universal Qi/energy field around you?
  • Become more joyful as you connect with your sense of purpose in life.
  • Let go of beliefs and blocks that no longer serve you
  • Learn to be present, improving your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Would you like to discover vibrant health in body and a restful mind with energy work/Qigong?
  • Learn to switch off and sleep like a baby so you wake up energised and ready for all the day has to offer you.
  • Observing and dissolving the ego and bringing more peace and harmony into your life.
  • Making friends with life and death, learning to live more joyfully in every moment.

This is for you if:

  • You would like more energy and improved relationships both at work and at home.
  • You want better tools to cope with this fast changing world
  • You want to clarify your mission and purpose
  • You want to connect more deeply with the gifts you were given
  • You are ready to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you
  • You are ready to dive more deeply into your spiritual nature

About Alessandro Ferullo

Alessandro Ferullo

Hi, I’m Alessandro and I have been practising Qigong for over 25 years with my teacher, Zhixing Wang, teaching for over 15 years both groups, corporate and 1 to 1.I have had a lifelong interest in health and personal growth including studies of Buddhism, Taoism, family constellations work and being part of several inspiring mastermind groups.

The first time I felt the Qi energy between my hands and all around me was a special moment and I started feeling truly joyful and connected to myself on a much deeper level. It opened my eyes and mind to this invisible life force energy called Qi in the Chinese system that is thousands of years old. It is the life force of this planet, keeping us alive and vibrant and makes us feel more connected to others and to nature too.

With Qigong practice, we connect with the universal energy/qi, this field of all possibilities, this qi/energy that keeps nature and us alive and thriving, and is always present. The challenge is how to connect to it in a simple way and how to stay in tune with it to benefit our health in body and mind. This has been my journey with Qigong  which is mainly practised through simple energetic body movements and breathing techniques. It is suitable and adaptable for all levels of fitness and all ages.

8 VIP 1 to 1 private sessions online (includes 1 meeting in person depending on location)
helping you with your specific needs (in 8-12 weeks).

Initial VIP session

The initial VIP session is online or can be in person (depending on distance). This will help you open up and sense your connection to the Universal Qi/energy and support which we will be working with throughout the program. This session opens you up with a special transmission , connecting you to the Universal Qi field, the field of all possibilities.

Step 1 “Energy clarity” session

Energy clarity session on areas we can work on to help you quickly open up to your purpose and connect with what we can transform to serve you in the most effective and effortless way possible.

Includes one monthly on line guidance/support call.

Special free bonus

Start the day and end the day in the best way possible. Connect with the Qi and set yourself free programme valued at £197 when you book onto the VIP program..

heart of living VIP programme for men qigong


One instalment, best value £997 for 8 sessions. Limited places available.

Or payment plan £197 x 6 months – get in touch.

Or 4 sessions at £547.

These sessions will include:

  • Full Body awareness , re-organising and re-balancing your energy system, explaining principles for ideal balance (Yin/Yang ).
  • Becoming more present, various breathing techniques explained .
  • Energizing morning practice, preparing for the day ahead.
  • Clearing and resting the mind and sensing the connection to the Qi/Universal energy.
  • Learning to tune in and use this connection for mental clarity, calming emotions, self-healing and re-charging your energy.
  • Practices to transform emotions, tapping into and releasing blocked energy
  • Healthy spine practice (Turtle and Snake) gathering the energy back to the body, strengthening the spine
  • Improving and speeding up digestion for better mental focus after meals(Digesting food quickly and effectively in 10-15 mins) instead of the usual 2-3 hours it takes.
  • Advanced breathing techniques for quick relaxation and longevity.
  • Evening calming practice, gathering your energy back to your main energy centre (the Dantien). The Dantien is the most important energy centre in the body, where we store and cultivate our energy, just below the navel.

What people say

Thank you so much for workshop, I absolutely loved Qi Gong. Before going to the workshop I felt stifled in my creativity and moving forward into action. I felt the fluidity between my thoughts and actions were out of sync.  On the day I really resonated with Qigong considering I had never done it before, I really enjoyed the movements and connecting with the earth and universe it brought a sense of contentment for me and calmness to my mind.

Especially if you are wanting more of a spiritual awakening and a connection with the your mind, body and spirit – Qigong is an excellent format in creating that missing void in your life.  I feel my creativity has come back to me and I have been practicing a little each day.  For that I thank you.



‘Alessandro is a wonderful Qigong teacher who brings a great sense of enjoyment, purpose and discovery to his classes. As a dedicated practitioner of many years he is an ideal guide to learning this wonderful system for self healing.’

Andy, London


Alessandro has been my chi gong teacher for ten years. One of the first benefits I realised from a day of chi gong was that I slept and awoke feeling lighter in body and mind. Alessandro skilfully teaches with clarity,awareness, and a sense of humour.

Cavan Rouse. Brighton


“I always leave the day feeling brighter and clearer than when I arrived. I really like the different exercises we do- the variety keeps the practice fresh and interesting, and gives us various ways to connect. The class also helps keep me inspired and motivated to do my own daily practice. Thank you so much Alessandro, for your accessible and encouraging teaching style.”



Pleased to report a 4th night (or is it now 5th, can’t remember which is great) of sleep without having medical aid. It’s so amazing Alessandro, for years I’ve struggled with this, never for one minute thinking that it could be so easy and pain free to stop and have decent sleep. I can now envisage a future without them, something I couldn’t only a week ago. I’m so grateful. Thank you.

Sleep update: It’s now been nearly 2 weeks (tomorrow) since my session with Alessandro. Since then I’ve not used, or had to use any medical sleep aid, so it’s been pure natural sleep. The quality of sleep is also much better. I feel like I’ve slept properly and can actually concentrate more and can think straight. It feels almost miraculous. I wake feeling refreshed and even if I’ve woken early, I feel like I can think and concentrate effectively. From such a simple technique, such monumental changes. Thank you Alessandro.

Nick, London

Commit to becoming the most powerful, joyful and connected version of yourself, living as an expression of your heart.

Get in touch with me if you want to book an exploratory call to see if “Inspiring men to connect, heal and reveal their true potential” with Qigong is for you.

heart of living VIP programme for men qigong


One instalment, best value £997 for 8 sessions. Limited places available.

Or payment plan £197 x 6 months – get in touch.

Or 4 sessions at £547.

“Always keep a smile in your heart”