Flowing Health – Qigong with Alessandro

“Stay healthy, joyful and inspired with Qigong as you improve your with simple movements and meditation”

So what is Qigong? (Pronounced Chi Gong)

A 1,000 year old energy practice from China for recharging your energy, grounding, improving your health and wellbeing with simple flowing movements, stillness and meditation.

No one would argue that are living in an age of distraction and you may be finding it more difficult to stay present, focus and take time out for your own self-care these days. It is important to reflect on whether you are following your passion or just drifting through life and just surviving. Each one of us is unique, created in perfection as we are yet we often get taken off track by our work, relationships and daily pressures with life having become so busy and fast paced.

Although Qigong is an ancient practice, it seems so relevant and needed these days where we have so many quick solutions being offered to us in the form of pills, all kinds of advice through social media day after day. If you are someone who is ready to expand your vision of who you really are, take a look at an energy practice that focuses both on improving your health in body and mind, and connects you with yourself and others on a deeper level as you become more present and centred. As your mind becomes more settled, you gain more clarity and  feeling more creative, inspired and joyous.

Retreats in Sardinia

Sardinia Beach

Qi gong retreat with Alessandro Ferullo – Sardinia 25th – 26th April 2020

  • Would you like to feel healthier, more positive energised and recharged?
  • Learn simple techniques you can integrate into daily life that can improve relationships, help you achieve more with less effort
  • Opening up to your creativity and inspiration

The two day retreat was full of surprises – meeting Sardinian local people also on the course was a delight … for anyone looking for a peaceful weekend, meeting lovely people, and with no pressure to be an expert in qigong, this is the place for you.

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