Membership Programme

A new membership community where you will have the opportunity to practice Qigong with 2 live monthly classes online and a private community you can belong to support you on your journey.


1 to 1 Programmes


The Diamond programme is weekly 1 to 1 & online with private sessions tailored to your needs.

This will help propel you quickly to where you want to be as Qigong works on your energy and health in body and mind.


Connect with the Qi and set yourself free


Video series with 6 easy to follow videos giving you lifetime access .These include Qigong practice and techniques with self healing – you can follow these in the comfort of your home/office at your own pace.


Qi Bambini

Qigong for children including calming, awakening creativity, imagination, breathing, moving with the ball practice and improving digestion. 7 Free videos of approximately 15 mins each (plus a bonus video).


Qigong Retreats on the island of Sardinia in 2020

Sardinia Beach

A Qigong retreat with Alessandro Ferullo in Sardinia. Rest, reconnect and take time for self care, re-energise, using a simple Qigong self healing form, boost your immune system, connect with the Qi/energy in a beautiful natural environment. Due to current Covid restrictions retreat will hopefully be in Spring 2021. Please drop me an email for more details and I will keep you informed as we have more news.


Book in Now.

Free 30 mins optimising your Health & Immunity


I was amazed at how strong I felt after one hour of qi gong with Alessandro.. that was the beginning of a journey which has hugely benefitted my health over the past six years. Alessandro is a supportive, clear teacher and very experienced. I highly recommend his classes.
Gill Wood

  1. I am a beginner and found it difficult to feel Chi in particular the area of the Dantien. Although I attended a class in North London, it was difficult to get to which resulted in a irregular practise , this made it hard to consolidate the forms.
  2. I have established a regular practise helped by having the sessions recorded. I am now connecting to energy in particular my hands. I also was able to work with a breast lump of unknown aetiology. Fortunately it turned out to be benign, but I felt empowered to have a practise to support self healing.
  3. Why would you recommend working with me to someone thinking about it? : Because Alessandro I experienced you as being genuinely interested in my health and well being, and dedicated to showing me practises that would work for me. In addition you connected to the broader aspects of my life in particular Mask Making and Sacred Drumming. This has further inspired me to make links to my work with Chi Gong, you have given me achievable ways to make this possible.

With gratitude

Pleased to report a 4th night (or is it now 5th, can’t remember which is great) of sleep without having medical aid. It’s so amazing Alessandro, for years I’ve struggled with this, never for one minute thinking that it could be so easy and pain free to stop and have decent sleep. I can now envisage a future without them, something I couldn’t only a week ago. I’m so grateful. Thank you.

Sleep update: It’s now been nearly 2 weeks (tomorrow) since my session with Alessandro. Since then I’ve not used, or had to use any medical sleep aid, so it’s been pure natural sleep. The quality of sleep is also much better. I feel like I’ve slept properly and can actually concentrate more and can think straight. It feels almost miraculous. I wake feeling refreshed and even if I’ve woken early, I feel like I can think and concentrate effectively. From such a simple technique, such monumental changes. Thank you Alessandro.
Nicola, London


3 Steps to Take Control of Your Health, Immune System & Digestion